Step 1

Set a Roundup

Add a card you spend with from any major bank in the UAE and select a roundup of 5aed or 10aed.

Step 2

Pick Your Investments

Select low-cost index tracking ETFs or build a custom portfolio as your investment.

Step 3

Invest As You Spend

Your change is calculated daily, debited from your card and invested fractionally across your portfolio.

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Works with all major UAE banks


Small Contributions, Big Returns

Use the calculator below to see how micro-investing in regular intervals over time can compound your wealth.

$5 a day for 20 years



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Disclaimer: Past performance is not a guarantee of future investment returns.
Average return value is based on the historical performance of the S&P500 over the past 30 years.


Potential Future Balance:



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Everything you need to save & invest like a pro.

Pasiv is a feature-rich platform that empowers you towards financial wellness.

Sign up from anywhere

Global account

Pasiv comes with a free, zero-commission USD brokerage account built with expats & nomads in mind.

*Not available to US Persons & Canadian residents. Roundup feature only available to UAE residents at this time.

Keep calm, invest responsibly

Top tier ETFs

You don't need to know how to trade, day trade or pick stocks when you take a passive approach. Select funds issued by the most reputed investment firms, ranked by their ESG score. Leave the rest to the professionals.

Learn why it's important

Bite-sized investing basics

Reels made by our in-house team that explain money basics, economics, markets and passive investing. The stuff we feel everyone should know before taking risk.

Ask any question

Friendly AI assistant

Get meaningful updates, perform research, get portfolio insights and access support from an AI assistant through our groundbreaking GPT powered chat interface.

Engage with your community

Invest with friends

Invite your friends to Pasiv and grant permission to track each other's portfolios. You can monitor how you friends portfolios are performing and get alerts when they buy or sell something.

Build wealth pennies at a time

Spare change investing

Link your bank account, roundup your everyday spending and invest the difference. You won't feel the pinch, but you'll build up your wealth seamlessly.

*this feature is available to UAE residents only, for now.


Security at its best.

Pasiv Financial Ltd is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) and comes with best-in-class security for your brokerage account, your funds and your data.


Data on our platform is secured with 256-bit bank grade encryption to keep your information safe.

Safe Custody

Pasiv is affiliated with ChoiceTrade, an SEC regulated broker-dealer in the US & member of FINRA & SIPC.

Deposit Insurance

All ChoiceTrade accounts come with Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) up to $500,000.

Data Protection

Strict data privacy and security measures in line with the DIFC's Data Protection Law 2020.


Global account, simple pricing.

Pasiv accounts don't require any minimum balance and trades are commission-free. We built with global citizens, and digital nomads in mind. Take your investments with you no matter where you reside or which bank you use.


Ideal for beginners with a one-time 1% per deposit fee.

What’s included
Roundup investing
5 basic ETFs
AI assistant
Phone & email support
Get started

Ideal for big savers with 0% per deposit fee.

What’s included
Roundup investing
6000+ US Stocks & ETFs
AI assistant
Phone & email support
Merchandise & community events
Day trading & margin investing
Get started

Click here to see a breakdown of all fees you may incur using Pasiv.


Answers to your questions

Is there a minimum amount I need to invest?

No. There are no minimum balances we require in your Pasiv investing account. Micro investing means you can contribute very tiny amounts, as low as $0.35 on a particular day. Keep in mind you may have to pay fees to transfer funds to your investing account.

How does it work?

Pasiv is powered by OpenBanking. Your transactions are rounded up to an interval that you decide, and the cumulative spare change for each day is calculated, and invested for you. You will need to establish a link with your bank in the app for this to work. (This feature is only available to UAE residents).

You first need to open an account with us, which gives you a US Dollar wallet account. This requires submission of KYC documents. Once the account is opened (within 48 hours from submission, assuming all documents are present), you will then have to send funds directly from your bank account to the regulated custodian based in the USA. You can do this using your online banking / internet banking, or using a debit card. Once these funds arrive in the USA, we will alert you in the app and send you an email notification that you have a cash balance in your wallet available. You can then use the Pasiv app to purchase stocks and funds using the wallet balance.

Who provides the products / who is the broker?

We’ve affiliated with ChoiceTrade to refer your account – brokers in the US who have been in business for 20+ years. When you open a Pasiv account, we’re giving you a US based investing account with ChoiceTrade – US securities & produts by ChoiceTrade. The orders you place in the Pasiv app, are placed in this ChoiceTrade account.

Where is Pasiv permitted to operate?

Pasiv is based in the DIFC and has received approval by the regulatory authority the DFSA (Dubai Financial Services Authority) to launch this service for retail investors. We can onboard you as a client from anywhere in the world except the USA, Canada and countries that are sanctioned by the US treasury department or by the UN or the UAE.

What documents are required for account opening?

You’ll need to keep three (3) documents handy; (1) a passport copy, (2) the first page of your bank statement and (3) an address proof such as a utility bill or tenancy contract.

How do I close my account?

To close your account at Pasiv simply navigate to the settings section of your account profile page. You will see the option 'Cancel Subscription' if you have a real investment account or 'Delete My Account' if you're using the demo. Please sell all your stock holdings and wait 2 days for the cash to settle in your account before cancelling your subscription. Our team will then close your account and wire you back any funds you have in your account.

How do I receive shares that I buy?

Your cash resides with our regulated partner – ChoiceTrade’s custodian clearing firm, Velox. When you purchase a stock, the clearing firm which is also a US regulated entity, automatically goes through a “settlement & clearing” process where the person who sold you the shares receives the relevant cash amount, and you receive electronic shares registered & held in your name. The clearing firm automatically manages this process in the background.

What kind of profits & returns can I expect?

Historically the S&P500 index has returned 8% per annum. But this assumes you will invest all your funds in an ETF that tracks the S&P500. In any given year a particular stock can do better or worse than the overall index. It entirely depends on the stocks and funds that you decide to purchase. Stock investing involves risk and companies you invest in can have their shares increase in value or decrease in value. You may lose money by investing in companies that are not performing well, and even in cases where companies perform well their shares may fall in value. It’s important to research companies you invest in before you buy their shares.

*Not investment advice or recommendation to buy or sell S&P500.

How do I earn passive income?

You can earn passive income by asking your virtual assistant about passive income. Your virtual assistant will help you sort through the universe of stocks funds that pay dividends so you can find the exposure you are looking for.

How is pricing calculated?

At Pasiv we execute your order by default using a market order. That means we send an order to the affiliate broker to buy the stock you want to purchase at the 'Ask' price. In the US, most stocks have almost a $0.01 spread between the 'Bid' and the 'Ask'. So the price you get is usually in the middle between the two. There is no spread that Pasiv charges, or earns. We simply route your order to the best available price in the market at the time you place the order.

How do I deposit funds in my account?

To deposit funds in your account you will need to make a wire transfer from your bank’s online banking facility. We’ll provide you the beneficiary details in the app.

Where does my money go?

To make a deposit in your account we will instruct you to send your funds to ChoiceTrade’s regulated custodian – Velox Clearing. The bank receiving your funds is BMO Harris (Bank of Montreal) – one of America’s oldest and most reputed banks.

Do I need a US Dollar bank account?

No. Cash that you send in AED or your origin currency will be converted by your bank at your bank’s exchange rate before being sent to the US. Your bank may also charge you a fee for the transfer.

How do I withdraw money back into my account?

Simply navigate to the account screen in the app, click withdraw. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, enter your bank details and upload a statement so we know it’s indeed your account. It takes at most 2-3 working days for the withdrawal to appear in your local bank account.

How does Pasiv deduct the money from my account?

Pasiv does not deduct, and cannot deduct any money from your bank account. We are not licensed to control any of your bank accounts. You will need to initiate a wire transfer on your own and solely you retain control of your bank account at all time.

When making a wire transfer should I pay all the bank charges or share it?

It is recommended to pay all the charges from your account, so that the US broker will credit your account with the full amount of your wire transfer upon receipt. If you decide to share the charges, the receiving bank in the USA can decide to charge you a higher amount than your bank locally would have charged.

Is there a withdrawal and deposit fee?

There is no fee to deposit funds in your account. There is a $60 wire fee to send you your money bank via bank transfer when you withdraw any funds.

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